One World Optimization Seminar

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the entire world has been forced to slow down. The scientific community has been no exception with cancellations of conferences, seminars and research visits. We are all forced to build up new communication channels and the One World Optimization Seminar is an attempt to keep our community together. The short term goal is to provide access to a seminar for as many researchers as possible. For the indefinite future, the seminar is intended to foster ideas among our truly global research community and to help reduce our impact on climate change.


The One World Optimization Seminar is organized by Radu Ioan Boț (University of Vienna), Shoham Sabach (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa) and Mathias Staudigl (Maastricht University).


 Forthcoming talks

The weekly talks are scheduled to take place Mondays at 15:00 CEST (UTC+2). The speakers list will be regularly updated. The schedule, slides and video recordings of the previous talks can be found below.



15:00 CEST

Adrien Taylor


Computer-Aided Worst-Case Analyses and Design of First-Order Methods for Convex Optimization


15:00 CEST

Volkan Cevher


Scalable Semidefinite Programming


15:00 CEST

Alexandre d'Aspremont


Naive Feature Selection: Sparsity in Naive Bayes


15:00 CEST

Claudia Sagastizábal

(University of Campinas)

Revisiting Augmented Lagrangian Duals


15:00 CEST

Yurii Nesterov

(University of Louvain)

Superfast Second-Order Methods for Unconstrained Convex Optimization


15:00 CEST

Jérôme Bolte

(Toulouse 1 University Capitole)


15:00 CEST

Panayotis Mertikopoulos


Games, Dynamics and Optimization

[joint talk with the One World Mathematical Game Theory Seminar]


15:00 CEST

Xiaoming Yuan

(University of Hong Kong)


15:00 CEST

 How it works

We use zoom, a simple webinar tool for which only the host (University of Vienna in this case) needs a license and all other participants can log-in via a link that will be sent by e-mail together with the room password to the mailing list the day before each talk. Just click the link and fill in the password and you will be sent to the webinar room. There will be a host with control over the microphones.

Some basic rules for participating at the seminar:

  • Please log-in with your name. 
  • There is a group chat. To ask a question, please indicate you would like to ask and your microphone will be turned on. Alternatively, write a question in the chat.
  • You can chat with every participant in a private chat.

 Mailing List

You are kindly invited to join the mailing list on which the next speaker at the One World Optimization Seminar will be announced, and you will receive the access information (link of the zoom-room and the corresponding password) the day before each talk. Please enter your contact information below.

One World Optimization Seminar
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